Are Your App-V Components Up To Date?

This information is now out of date. Please refer to these Microsoft links which are kept (mostly) up to date:

Whilst compiling my guide to building an App-V lab, I started gathering up the latest hotfixes currently available.  These fix some pretty critical issues yet there are many out there who aren’t aware of their existence, so I thought this warranted a post of it’s own as it applies to people operating production environments as well as those interested in setting up a test lab.

The patches are cumulative, but not each patch covers all of the components. In the end there are three separate downloads you need to apply and I suggest you use them all.



This one is a complete installer rather than an MSP patch.  No need to install the RTM version beforehand, in fact the updated version will prompt you to uninstall it first!


Aaron Parker also maintains a nifty table listing the latest versions available here.

2 responses on “Are Your App-V Components Up To Date?

  1. Hi!

    Sorry, this isn’t strictly to do with the article, but can you tell me if App-V 5 sequenced packages can be delivered from an App-V 4 server?

    Thanks in advance

    1. It is possible, but only with a customised publishing/deployment solution, perhaps based on PowerShell scripts – you cannot install both the App-V 4 & 5 full infrastructure on the same server according to this:

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