Free Media Center upgrade to Windows 8 Pro – and how to fix it

I’m a fan of Microsoft’s Media Center, although MS haven’t put any effort into improving it over the last few years it’s still the slickest solution out there for watching/pausing/recording live TV.  I was disappointed to hear that it had been dropped from Windows 8 and only purchasable as an add-on, yet looked exactly the same as the version in Windows 7.  However they are offering this upgrade for free for a limited time!  By the way, you can only use one email address per machine to register that so use some alternative email addresses to claim a few spare keys while you still can!

So great I thought, I added the key I received and was prompted for a reboot.  After it came back up (and on every subsequent reboot) I saw this error:

There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll. The specified module could not be found.

Great.  I spend all day troubleshooting apps at work then have to carry on at home (I love it really).  Media Center didn’t even install – the option was there to enable it in ‘Turn Windows Features On And Off‘ but it did nothing.  Also the option I selected to enter the key in the first place, ‘Add Features to Windows 8‘ was now gone altogether.

So, dragging this dll over to Dependency Walker showed me I was missing vccorlib110.dll, which belongs to the Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable.  I installed this, rebooted, then hey presto I have my Media Center.  However, the ‘Add Features to Windows 8’ option is still AWOL from my search results under settings.  There’s probably a way to run it via Rundll32.exe that I may figure out some day.  Here’s hoping that Microsoft don’t release any new features I might want in future!


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