IE11 Freezes on First Launch in App-V

This is an issue that has been known to many since Internet Explorer 11 was released, discussed on various forums, but never to my knowledge distilled into a blog post. I hit this issue in an unexpected way recently so thought it was high time it was shared!

Basically, when IE11 is launched for the first time for each user, the initial setup needs to happen outside of a virtual environment, otherwise it freezes/crashes.

The unusual way I came across this was that I had sequenced AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017, which worked fine on all machines except the new Windows 10 clients. It turned out that the application shows a splash screen that hosts an IE window, which was locking up the application. We did not see this on the other clients as they had already launched IE in the past. IE had never been launched on the Windows 10 clients because the the default browser was Edge!

One workaround for this is to use Active Setup to launch Internet Explorer once per user per machine. Paste this into a .reg file if you want to try this method:

If you happen to have IE in a Connection Group via RunVirtual, then you will need some kind of script to open IE before creating the RunVirtual keys. I’ll leave that one to you!

3 responses on “IE11 Freezes on First Launch in App-V

  1. Aaron Young

    I isolated the registry value at play here. It doesn’t freeze then crash if the QWORD value OperationalData is present at HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry. The qword data varies between OS it seems. Windows 10 seems to be qword 5, and Windows 7 seems to be qword 105. It seems you can either ensure that is present outside the bubble, or just include the blank registry key “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry” in the sequencer or in DeploymentConfig xml (we publish globally).

    1. Dan Gough

      Thanks for this – I too had narrowed it down to the LowRegistry key, it’s been on my never ending to-do list to finally nail this and create an updated blog post!

  2. sneha K

    Thanks for this, I am able resolve IE shortcut crashing on first launch by adding lowRegistry.

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