Things have been quiet around here lately, but I’ve been busy as ever. I promised myself I’d blog more frequently in 2020 - there’s still a ton of App-V tricks I have to share, and then there’s the elephant in the room, MSIX…

First order of the day though was to ditch Wordpress. It had been driving me mad for some time, continually getting infected and serving up Viagra ads, even though I did my best to keep it up to date. The Wordpress dashboard was also reporting that my PHP and MySQL versions were out of date yet I could not see any way to update them on my hosting provider.

Time to switch to a faster, more secure, and more importantly, free (as in both open source and no cost) platform! Inspired by a few other’s journeys (notably Aaron Parker’s), this site is now built with Jekyll and served up by Github Pages.

Disqus comments are now migrated and HTTPS is now enforced - I still have a few niggles with the theme, mainly the fonts are too big when using Windows! If anyone finds any broken images or links, then please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to fix it!