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Fix for Mouse Freezes in App-V Apps (.NET 4.5.2 and WISPTIS.exe)

Written by Dan Gough. Posted in App-V v4.x, App-V v5.x

You may have seen Nicke Källén’s blog post about this issue recently along with some workarounds provided by the App-V community:


Microsoft have now however provided an official fix in the form of an update rollup to the .NET Framework, I recommend anyone using App-V apply this as soon as possible!


Obligatory “I am now an App-V MVP” Blog Post!

Written by Dan Gough. Posted in Miscellaneous

Well, I have been for 6 weeks now – I meant to post this a while back, but better late than never!

I am honoured to have received the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for App-V from Microsoft. If you’ve never heard of the MVP program, you can find out more here. But in a nutshell, it’s a way for Microsoft to reward those who make top contributions to technical communities via conferences, forums and websites like this (among other ways). As a result, I now get to participate in regular product group interaction sessions with the App-V team where we get to give our feedback and hear about what’s coming in the future, and also get invited to the annual MVP Summit in Redmond. There are plenty of other benefits too, including free subscriptions to MSDN and Office365, and many vendors offer free licenses of their software to MVPs also!

Big thanks those that helped make this happen, including Nicke Källén, Rory Monaghan and Tim Mangan among others. Also to Colin Bragg, who not only first got me involved with App-V and also inspired me to start this site!

If you’re interested to know who the other App-V MVPs are around the world, click here.

Want to be an MVP? Here’s what it takes:

  • Start a blog site and post original content that helps others – not steal content from other people’s blogs like some have done to me and others!
  • Present at conferences and user groups, or organise your own!
  • Contribute to forums such as Technet and AppVirtGuru.
  • Produce (or assist in producing) additional written content such as books and whitepapers on your technical subject of expertise.
  • Engage with other MVPs and users through social media like Twitter and LinkedIn (not Facebook – that’s for sharing dumb clickbait articles and drunken photos!)


The latest Internet Explorer preview is virtualised with App-V!

Written by Dan Gough. Posted in App-V v5.x

This may be intersting to those that have longed for Microsoft to provide a solution to virtualising IE in App-V. If you download the latest IE preview from the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, you will find it is packaged with App-V and bundles in a version of the App-V client! In fact, it fails to install if you have the App-V client already installed (although you can extract the IEDC.appv file and publish it to a regular App-V client, the only other pre-req is to have IE11 installed).


I’m told that Microsoft have no plans to release IE in App-V format for production use however!


App-V 5 Does Not Like Shortcut Names That End With A Space!

Written by Dan Gough. Posted in App-V v5.x

I just sequenced an app that deployed a shortcut with a space at the end of the name, which went unnoticed. I imported the  resulting package using PowerShell to quickly test and all worked fine, but it failed to deploy with SCCM due to invalid xml.

SCCM will always use the configuration xml files, but I did not apply these during testing as I had made not changes to them!

The event log read:

Failed to validate provided xml.
DOM Error: Unknown HResult Error code: 0xc00ce169
Reason: ‘MYAPPNAME ‘ violates pattern constraint of ‘[^\s]|([^\s].*[^\s])’.
The element ‘{http://schemas.microsoft.com/appv/2010/deploymentconfiguration}Name’ with value ‘MicrodietV2 ‘ failed to parse.

So for some reason a name ending in a space is perfectly valid in the manifest file contained within the appv file, but not in the external xml files. Watch out for this, and Microsoft please update your regular expression to allow for this, or at least detect/correct it in the sequencer!