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App-V 5.1 Support Dates

17 March 2020

App-V is no longer under active development, but still supported. Microsoft have extended the support date for App-V 5.1 to April 2026:

Sequencing WinZip 22

26 November 2017

How to work around a sequencer bug that does not capture file associations properly in order to sequence WinZip 22.

Demystifying the PVAD

26 November 2017

What is the PVAD, and why do some App-V apps only work when installed there?

Office 365 with App-V

02 August 2016

Office 365 applications will not run inside the App-V virtual environment by default.

App-V 5.1 Released!

17 August 2015

The MDOP 2015 release which includes App-V 5.1 is now available.

Today’s Fixed App-V Apps!

22 April 2015

Fixing a virtualised Access 2007 that was unable to export to Excel, and an in-house app that was unable to connect to a SQL server.

App-V 5.0 SP2 Hotfix 5 Released

24 June 2014

This update was actually released a few weeks ago but it’s not widely known about so I am spreading the word!

App-V 5 Book - First Chapter Available Now For Free!

16 January 2013

Four App-V MVPs, Nicke Källén, Kalle Saunamäki, Ment van der Plas and Falko Gräfe have come together to write a book about App-V 5, and they are releasing each chapter at a time as they are written for free for a limited time.

European App-V User Group 2013 - Register Now!

22 December 2012

For those interested in App-V, and in particular the new v5 release, there is a free European App-V User Group meeting taking place at Microsoft HQ in Amsterdam on the 8th Feb.

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New Year, New Blog!

19 February 2020

Things have been quiet around here lately, but I’ve been busy as ever. I promised myself I’d blog more frequently in 2020 - there’s still a ton of App-V tricks I have to share, and then there’s the elephant in the room, MSIX…


28 September 2011

Hi, and welcome to my new blog!

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Free ebook! MSIX Packaging Fundamentals

19 November 2020

A new MSIX book has been released as a free download - MSIX Packaging Fundamentals, a collaboration between Tim Mangan, Bogdan Mitrache and Kevin Kaminski.

BUILD 2018: MSIX Inside and Out

10 May 2018

MSIX may one day end up replacing both MSI and App-V. If you deal with enterprise application packaging and deployment you will want to watch this!

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Fixing VLC’s MSI Package

24 January 2019

VLC offer a hidden MSI release on their FTP site. Unfortunately they built it under WINE and the resulting package is corrupt and cannot be modified.

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Nevergreen: My first Powershell module

10 May 2021

Nevergreen is a Powershell module that returns the latest version and download links for various Windows applications. It can be used as an alternative to Aaron Parker’s (and others) excellent Evergreen module.

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Windows 11 Microsoft Store Announcements

24 June 2021

After a series of leaks, Microsoft have officially unveiled Windows 11 earlier today. While most of the reporting has been focussed on the UI changes, there was a huge reveal regarding the Microsoft Store that will prove to be very interesting for...

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